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Places of Interest

If you want to ride a bike you must remember that somewhere along the way you'll have to go uphill. If you want to cycle with young children, we'd recommend starting off in the car and then cycling along the Rhine.

Abtei Maria Laach Laacher See Maria Laach Abbey, Lake Laach (Laacher See) 6 km
Burg Olbrück Vulkanexpress Brohl Valley, Olbrück
(Castle ruin, renovated in 2001)
Historic Train Vulkanexpress
5 km
Traumpfade Höhlen und Schluchtensteig Traumpfade,
Höhlen und Schluchtensteig
1 km
Stadt Mayen Schieferbergwerk Eifelstadt Mayen
Deutsches Schieferbergwerk
20 km
Lavakeller Mendig Lavadome Stadt Mendig
15 km
Water theme park Tauris at Mühlheim-Kärlich 20 km
  Alter Kranen Andernach Andernach ⁄ Rhine 11 km
  Römerthermen Bad Breisig Swimming in the spa town of Bad Breisig 10 km
  Vulkanius Walking paths, volcano route, volcano park  
  Schloss Stolzenfels Castles and palaces on the Rhine and Moselle  
  Schiffsausflug Boat trips on the Rhine and Moselle. Köln-Düsseldorfer
Schifffahrt Hölzenbein
Marksburgschifffahrt Vomfell
Deutsches Eck Koblenz Beethovenhaus Koblenz and Bonn 30 km
Nürburgring Nürburgring The legendary racing circuit at Nürburgring 35 km

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